2015 Best Gloucester Bartender Nominations Poll on www.thehomiecast.com


Do you have a particular local bartender that deserves special recognition?

Well here’s your opportunity to give back and nominate them. The top five nominated Gloucester MA bartenders by Sunday June 21st at 6:00AM local time will be entered into a run-off poll which will run through the following week.

How do you nominate your favorite bartender you ask?

Very simple- leave a comment on this post at http://www.thehomiecast.com leaving the name of your favorite Gloucester Bartender and the name of the establishment where they work.

Only nominations left in the comment section on this post on http://www.thehomiecast.com will be counted toward the top five to be included in the run-off vote.

Duplicates by IP address will not be counted as nominations.


  1. Jamie Verga at Stone’s Pub. Jamie, known as “dragon” to some, is always friendly, fast and efficient with drinks and food orders. Most notably, the “Jaimie’s Sweet and Hot Weiner” special leaves all the ladies satisfied.


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