HomieCast 12 With James Eves, Chris DeWolfe, Erik Lorden, The Rabbit and Joey C Taped 1/11/16

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HomieCast 12 With James Eves, Chris DeWolfe, Erik Lorden, The Rabbit and Joey C Taped 1/11/16

Topics Include:

Alisha Unleashed Talkin Trash

Cleavage vs sideboob vs underboob poll

NFL- The Steelers- The Patriots- Can you win a superbowl limping in?  Which AFC team scares you the most? Thank god we don’t have to listen to the insufferable talk about JJ Watt. Other guys on the defense were making tackles and they were crediting JJ Watt because he brought pressure to allow the other guy to make the tackle. Ughhhh. Same as the commentators crediting Peyton manning for the Broncos strong run game.
Minnesota Vikings missed field goal or Bengals implosion
Injuries in the NFL after the latest collective bargaining agreement.
What do you say to people that don’t understand the importance of playoff football? The GMG PSA
 Barstool Sports sold a majority stake for 10-15 million does this mean he pulls back editorially?  They’re already trying to shame the buyer and David Portnoy the creator of Barstool wrote today that he believes that 99% of Americans are fed up with the politically correct, participation award crowd and that a vast majority like politically incorrect humor.
Keenan Thompson only person I recognized out of entire cast of SNL.  When was the last time you watched SNL?
Hoverboards- At what age do you have to realize that our joints and bones don’t have that elasticity that they had when you were a teenager.





    • Will you be doing a PSA on why you shouldn’t bully in the follow up to the next Alisha Unleashed podcast? May be helpful for the youth of America.


      • Most definitely . Young Americans should be aware of the consequences their sex lives will entcounter, due to their cruel words said as a child . Effects everyone .


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