Tom Brady Hung Up ON Boston Sports Radio Douchebags FINALLY! Thanks @jerrythornton1 For The Story and A Poll.

I’ve been absolutely stumped why Tom Brady even gives any of these complete douchebags the time of day by calling in to their shows. He definitely doesn’t need the money.  Being obsessed with sports I try to listen to local sports radio when I’m driving and inevitably get so frustrated by the way they talk about Tom Brady and Bill Belichick every single time i turn it off within 5 minutes.   I’m dying for decent sports discussion and I literally have no option on the AM or FM dial in my car.   They’re completely classless.  Drum up the most absurd sky is falling ridiculous scenarios and repeat them over and over until they talk each other into believing their crazy hypothesis. There hasn’t been an athlete that has carried himself with more class at the top of their game than Tom Brady.  We’ve been blessed to have him and Belichick bringing us an absurd amount of viewing pleasure over the years.  All the while these local douchebags- Felger and Mazz, Dan Shaugnessey, Kirk and Callahan take shot after shot after shot with their stupid conspiracy theories.  It’s like they can’t stand the success and they won’t stop til they drive them out of town.

Thank you Tom Brady for saying enough is enough.  Thanks for hanging up.  You don’t need them.  You owe them nothing.

Thanks Jerry Thornton for the story on Barstool Sports-

Tom Brady Hangs Up on WEEI Over the ‘Arrogant Little Pissant’ Comment

Who do you think hates Tom Brady and Bill Belichick More, Boston Sports Radio Hosts or Max Kellerman?