The Patriots Not Overpaying For Any One Position Is How They’ve Stayed Competitive Year In And Year Out. Mac Jones Rookie Deal 4-5 Year Salary Compared To Other NFL QBs

 QB economics: Jones’ contract with the Patriots will be four years, $15.58 million, fully guaranteed, and include an $8.6 million signing bonus. The deal, like all first-round picks, will include a fifth-year option. That’s a great contract for the Patriots — assuming Jones pans out. Had Jones gone to the 49ers at No. 3, he would have signed a four-year, $34.105 million deal that was fully guaranteed.

Source: ESPN

You pay a QB 30 million a year and that money isn’t available for other positions and the entire team suffers. By being economically savvy they don’t mortgage the future on any one player.

Mac Jones is going to make 6 million a year. If he works out as QB for the Patriots they have him locked up for 4-5 years at 6 million a year.

Consider the top ten highest paid QB in the NFL salaries-

Source: Over The Cap

Can you imagine being the Packers GM who is paying Aaron Rodgers $37 million a year and him announcing the day of teh draft that he wants out of Green Bay?

Now maybe Mac Jones doesn’t work out, maybe he does. The fact is though that you didn’t leverage your entire future for one player and can deploy that money that was saved on other peices that help you get to the promised land! How about the 49ers paying Jimmy G $25 million and the organization for three months leading up to the draft completely trying to unload him.


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