Epic Bacon Bomb, Atomic Buffalo Turd and Grilled Potato Wedge Dinner On The @STOKGrills Charcoal Drum

The official Grill Of TheHomieCast came up big once again!

First Kate softened up some thin strips of onion and peppers-

2015-08-29 19.33.44

Next laid them down the middle of a hamburger patty

2015-08-29 19.35.21

Added some Mexican cheese blend and whatever rub you have laying around

2015-08-29 19.35.51

Fold the burger patty over and form into a bomb pinching all the edges together

2015-08-29 19.35.57

Wrap in bacon.  MMMMM bacon

Soak wooden skewers in water for at least 20 minutes before skewering the bacon bombs for grilling.

2015-08-29 19.42.29

Cut Russet potatos into wedges and boil the wedges for about 7 minutes with a generous amount of sea salt in the water.  Take poatatos out and pat dry and then coat the white cut sides with a mixture of black pepper, salt and olive oil.

Place them on the grill white side down for 5 minutes or until golden brown, then turn to the other side to brown it and reapply the olive oil/pepper/salt.  The potatoes when finished are so unbeleievably light and fluffy inside and crispy on the outside.  you won’t want to eat them any other way.  serve with sour cream and bacon crumbles and thinly chopped green onion to dip in.

On the grill-

Prepare grill to offset cook the bacon bombs with indirect heat You want the grill temps to be around 350 so adjust your vents accordingly.

The potato wedges will cook in about ten minutes.  Once they are done you can put them on a foiled cookie sheet and keep them warmed in the oven (or just plan to start them later in the cook)  the bacon bombs took about 30 minutes at 350 using indirect covered heat.


Here are the finished potato wedges.  AWESOME!


2015-08-29 20.09.44

The bacon bombs on the STOK Charcoal Drum’s cast iron grates-


Finished Bacon Bombs

2015-08-29 20.43.15

The potato recipe came from YouTube and can be found here Made by the YouTube Channel Toni Fiore TotallyVegetarian website- http://delicioustv.com/

The Bacon Bomb was my take on several different bacon bomb recipes.


Live Pork Butt Smoke Down at the Dock

My Boy Enrico Palazzo (Eric Lorden) grabbed a couple of Pork Butts and Head Chef Jeremy at Passports rubbed em down with the love rub, they sat overnight in the love letting the rub marry up with the pork.


2015-08-30 05.13.51

5:00AM 8/30/15 set up the smoker using the minion method.  Filled up the charcoal basket after placing four chucks of cherry in equal distances apart around the circle.  then took out the middle lump charcoal , got it going in the chimney and then once they were burning red I dumped them back into the center.  The idea is that the charcoal will slowly burn from the center outwards for a long low and slow session.

2015-08-30 05.14.11

2015-08-30 05.15.34

5:26AM The two butts go on.

2015-08-30 05.21.55

2015-08-30 05.56.28

Two hours in at 7:25AM

2015-08-30 07.58.28

After I opened to check on the butt at the two hour mark the temperature in the smoker spiked to over 300 degrees.  I’ve been struggling to keep the temps down and have three of the vents chocked down 2/3 of the way and got the smoker temp down to 250, onward we go.

8:38AM nearly 3 hours in and the grill is at 248 and internal temp of the butt is 144.

10:53AM Update :
FIVE HOURS IN TO OUR SMOKE smoker temp 252 internal temp 151.

12:53 Update  She’s looking great and some people say to pull it off now that it’s hit 160 degrees internally and wrap it in foil but I’m going to let it roll on the smoker to develop more bark.

Smoker temp 249  Internal pork temp 163


2:00 PM

smoker temp215 Internal 163.

2015-08-30 14.01.42

3:45PM Update

So she stalled out and wouldn’t break over 163 for three hours.  I pulled it off and wrapped them in foil and bam she busted out! at 3:45PM after ten hours on she broke 163 and is at 167 and climbing. 


2015-08-30 15.46.20

Sweet Baby Jesus, When I Pulled It Off To Wrap It In Foil A Burnt End Fell Off.  My Lord if That’s Not The Best Thing I’ve Ever Eaten!!!

2015-08-30 15.52.48

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TheHomieCast 9 Taped 8/27/15 With The Boys From @BacklashBeer, @BacklashScotty, @CoachDeWolfe Rick Doucette, Frankie Gwynne, @Eves3, @Craig Shoots and @Joey_C

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Live Blogging The St Louis Style Ribs Smoke Today!

8/14/15 9:07AM Update:
Toby trimmed and applied the rub today –


The Big reveal-

Toby Unveils The Trimmed and Rubbed St Louis Style Ribs

Update 6:25AM
Toby dropped off the ribs and I set up the smoker using the minion method where you place your wood around the bottom and fill the charcoal basket level. Then you take the Charcoal out if the center, start it in the chimney and then place it back in the center so the coals will slowly burn from the center outwards. Note I foiled the waterpan.  On YouTube a video made this suggestion to save a tough clean up from the drippings.  Made sense so there’s that…


6:45AM the ribs go on. The smoker is holding steady at 225. I’m looking to keep it between 200-250 for three hours and then foil them and cook for another two. We’ll see how it goes.


8:45AM Update- Spritz with mixture of half apple juice half apple cidar vinegar and give the ribs a half turn-

2015-08-15 08.55.05 2015-08-15 08.55.51

940AM Update Another Spritz and wrapped In Foil temps have been consistently between 225 and 275 throughout. Three hours on the smoker and  I’ve reached the color I want on the outside of the ribs  and now it’s time to foil them-

2015-08-15 09.38.52 2015-08-15 09.43.52

11:36AM Ribs Come Off The Smoker and Sit In Foil For 30 Minutes While I Tend Lobster Boats then It Was Time To Get Into These Bad Boys-

As You Can see There Was An Incredible Smoke Ring, the Ribs were So Tender They Literally Fell Off The Bone.  they say for Competitions You Want Your Ribs To Cling A Little To The Bone But IMO These Were Unreal.  Total Time 3 Hours On The Smoker Naked, 2 hours Foiled On The Smoker, 30 Minutes Resting Foiled. Hope You Enjoyed Smoking Along With Me 🙂

2015-08-15 11.38.45 2015-08-15 12.19.13 2015-08-15 12.33.24 2015-08-15 12.46.50