Live Blogging The St Louis Style Ribs Smoke Today!

8/14/15 9:07AM Update:
Toby trimmed and applied the rub today –


The Big reveal-

Toby Unveils The Trimmed and Rubbed St Louis Style Ribs

Update 6:25AM
Toby dropped off the ribs and I set up the smoker using the minion method where you place your wood around the bottom and fill the charcoal basket level. Then you take the Charcoal out if the center, start it in the chimney and then place it back in the center so the coals will slowly burn from the center outwards. Note I foiled the waterpan.  On YouTube a video made this suggestion to save a tough clean up from the drippings.  Made sense so there’s that…


6:45AM the ribs go on. The smoker is holding steady at 225. I’m looking to keep it between 200-250 for three hours and then foil them and cook for another two. We’ll see how it goes.


8:45AM Update- Spritz with mixture of half apple juice half apple cidar vinegar and give the ribs a half turn-

2015-08-15 08.55.05 2015-08-15 08.55.51

940AM Update Another Spritz and wrapped In Foil temps have been consistently between 225 and 275 throughout. Three hours on the smoker and  I’ve reached the color I want on the outside of the ribs  and now it’s time to foil them-

2015-08-15 09.38.52 2015-08-15 09.43.52

11:36AM Ribs Come Off The Smoker and Sit In Foil For 30 Minutes While I Tend Lobster Boats then It Was Time To Get Into These Bad Boys-

As You Can see There Was An Incredible Smoke Ring, the Ribs were So Tender They Literally Fell Off The Bone.  they say for Competitions You Want Your Ribs To Cling A Little To The Bone But IMO These Were Unreal.  Total Time 3 Hours On The Smoker Naked, 2 hours Foiled On The Smoker, 30 Minutes Resting Foiled. Hope You Enjoyed Smoking Along With Me 🙂

2015-08-15 11.38.45 2015-08-15 12.19.13 2015-08-15 12.33.24 2015-08-15 12.46.50


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