Obituary: Homiecast

Gloucester Ma: The HomiecastGloucester passed away due to complications of being whipped, she had a good run but since Alicia Unleashed first aired, The HomiecastGloucester creator has gone dark, fellow patrons of the Homiecast are stumped as to why this has happened.  Does he fear Alicia and her unruly ladies? Has Joey gone over to the other side? Does he shop for himself at Victoria’s Secret? What’s has happened?!  Will the Homiecast rise from the ashes? Stay tuned!

Is the Homiecast detrimental to our well being?

I can’t stop! The endless cookouts and weekly Homiecast are causing us all to pack on some pounds, however I know myself and a few others continue to at least workout, has anyone seen Joey’s beer belly?
It’s a Catch 22, for what has by far been one of the best summers I have had in awhile. I proclaim, next Homiecast that I am in shall have no potatoes, meat and veggies and tequila only. It’s time to get this shit back together!