Video: @STOKGrills Rib and Kabob Insert Unboxing and Grill Set Up For Smoking Pork Ribs Part I

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Demonstrating the STOK Charcoal Drum Set Up For Smoking Pork Ribs Using The STOK Insert System Rib and Kabob Insert






Guy Grub: Stupid Easy Stir-Fry On The @STOKGrills Charcoal Drum Using The Wok Insert



Stupid Easy- Stupid Quick-Super Stir Fry On The Grill Using The STOK Charcoal Drum with yet another one of their winning grill inserts.  This grill is so versatile with the different inserts that you can use.  Tonight I literally pulled the wok insert out of the box , noted the non-stick surface fired up the charcoal and while the coals were heating up I put the ingredients together. 


Sesame oil (one turn around the wok)

Medium sized onion diced up

Cup of frozen veggies

A Bag of Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice (heated up in the mic for 90 seconds)

4 Tablespoons of Soy sauce

8 or 9 cooked shrimp

1 Egg



Fire up the grill and take out the cast iron center grate where you will place the wok insert.  Move your coals around the outer sides of the drum so there’s plenty of heat but not directly under the wok.


Once the wok insert is heated up put in your sesame oil and toss in the onions , stir till they soften.


Then add the frozen veggies and warm them through, constantly stirring.


Once the veggies are warmed up make a little space and crack an egg and scramble it up. Toss in the rest of the ingredients and keep tossing til the shrimp are slightly browned


Done!  Literally 5 minutes of prep and not much more cook time.