Homiecast Episode 8 Taped 8/14/15 At casa Du DeWolfe Featuring @Eves3 , Mike DeWolfe, Rick Doucette, @CoachDewolfe , @Craig Shoots and @Joey_C


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Topics Include: HomieCast 8 Feast Rundown With Chris DeWolfe, Rib Cooking Strategy, Are New England Fans looking at The Goodell/Brady Hearing with Skewed Expectations?, Patriots Standings Predictions,  The Cameron’s Development Plan was Not Hard To Figure Out That It Was Just A Placeholder for Scale Was It?, What Life Lessons Should Every Man Teach His Kids?,  This Is Not my First_____, What is A Courtesy Flush, How Does a Curmudgeon Get To Be A Curmudgeon?,  Can You Tell Your Kids The Truth 100% Of The Time?,  Remake Cannonball Run, A Promise From Molly Ringwald,  Craig’s Latest Campaigns.




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