What in the world was this NFL player thinking?

On a dumb scale from 1-10 this is a bajillion.  What an idiot.

Thousands upon thousands of people training every day to make it to the NFL.

He gets to the big stage and does something this stupid??????

It’s staggering the amount of stupidity.  Staggering.



Ken Roenthal Reports The Brewers Signed Red Sox Free Agent Brock Holt

Brock Holt was a glue guy for the Red Sox. Like Kevin Millar of the “Cowboy Up” Red Sox that eon the World Series.

Brock was the guy in the clubhouse that you didn’t measure by “sabermetrics”. His contributions went far beyond statistics.

It seems the team really is punting on the season. Really sad day for Red Sox Nation.

I can completely understand not wanting to do a HUGE 10 or 12 year monstrous guaranteed contract like Mookie was going to get because it’s such a huge risk. But not signing Brock Holt speaks volumes about the Sox front office not caring to compete this season.

It’s Tuesday February 18th. Go to your sports book and bury the Brewers to win the World Series. You heard it here from your boy Joey C.

They’re obviously pushing all their chips in!

No movement between Tom Brady, Patriots – ProFootballTalk

For exactly one more month, the Patriots officially have exclusive negotiating rights with quarterback Tom Brady. It would be foolish to assume that, unofficially, other teams already aren’t making their proposals known to Brady and/or his agent, Don Yee.
— Read on profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/02/16/no-movement-between-tom-brady-patriots/

#sh!t or get off the pot Pats!

Are Raiders Really About To Offer Tom Brady Two Years, $60M Contract? | New England Patriots | NESN.com

It never hurts to have some spending money in Las Vegas, and if Tom Brady decides to head to Sin City, he should have plenty of dough. We already know the Las Vegas Raiders reportedly plan to make a run at Brady when he becomes a free agent in mid-March.
— Read on nesn.com/2020/02/are-raiders-really-about-to-offer-tom-brady-two-years-60m-contract/

@Al_Horford 4 Years $109 Mil or @EnesKanter 2 Year $10 Mil Contract- Who Ya Got? Hey @danielrainge Let’s extend Enes!

This is why Danny Ainge is the best in the business.

When you get a player that has a great attitude like Enes Kanter who is willing to put in work down low and gives you 75% of the production at less than 25% of the cost, it frees up money for other great players.


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