@Al_Horford 4 Years $109 Mil or @EnesKanter 2 Year $10 Mil Contract- Who Ya Got? Hey @danielrainge Let’s extend Enes!

This is why Danny Ainge is the best in the business.

When you get a player that has a great attitude like Enes Kanter who is willing to put in work down low and gives you 75% of the production at less than 25% of the cost, it frees up money for other great players.


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Upcoming movies I’m looking forward to and a must watch series if you’re a guy.

James Bond 007; No Time To Die release date 8 April 2020

Top Gun 2 Maverick release date 26 June 2020

If you haven’t seen Banshee streaming on Amazon Prime, it’s must watch if you’d like the above two movies. Link here

Submit movies you’re looking forward to or must see guy flicks in the comments.