TheHomieCast Episode 4


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TheHomieCast Episode 4 Taped 6/18/15 Featuring Toby Pett, James Eves, Brian OConnor, Frankie Gwynn, Chris DeWolfe, Craig Kimberley, Joey Ciaramitaro

Frankie Gwynn Wearing YogaPants- Cut or Uncut? Craig Kimberley’s “Suck It Bitches” Crystal Decanter, Gloucester Best Bartender Nominations, What Makes A Great Bartender, Best Father’s Day Presents, The Inaugural GMG BBQ Throwdown, Frankie Gwynn’s New STOK Grill, What Does It Mean To Be Offended?, The Menu- Porterhouses, Atomic Buffalo Turds, Mushroom HoboPacks, Toby’s Cornbread Pudding, Craig’s Firepit, Can A Guy Compliment His Spouse Too Much?, Feminism and Farts, Does The Moment Your Girl Farts In Front Of You Signify That Your Relationship Has Taken It To The Next Level?, Will We See The 2015 Bikini Speedo Dodgeball World Championship Movie?



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