Guy Grub- Toby’s Golden Cup Appetizer…

Served Pre-Taping Of TheHomieCast Episode 5


1 log Jimmy Dean frozen sausage
1 Kraft Old English Cheddar spread 5 oz. package
2 (15 count) packages of Athens brand filo pastry cups
hot sauce to taste

this recipe is simple/easy…place sausage in refrigerator to thaw…in large skillet cook off sausage constantly breaking it down to little pieces…drain off fat…add hot sauce and blend completely with the cooked sausage…add the contents of the jar of Cheddar spread, blending until cheese is melted and sausage is completely coated…spoon mixture into filo cups…

if you are not going serve immediately the cups can be refrigerated or even frozen…when you are ready to serve simply place on a sheet pan and heat in a 350 degree oven for about 10 minutes, a little longer if frozen…I like Tapatio brand hot sauce, it is relatively mild and has great flavor…I use 2 tablespoons…stronger flavored hot sauces are not recommended as some would object and not enjoy…I purchase the Tapatio at the dollar store at Gloucester Crossing…I would guess that the recipe could be made with ground chicken or turkey but you would guess at the amounts…and the hot sauce is optional too…enjoy

toby (the other jew)



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