Guy Grub- Brisket On The Smoker Play by Play

So Lobstermen and Smoking Fanatic Pete Libro,  Skipper of The F/V Cabaret IV had an extra smoker that he gave me to use down the dock.

I sent Toby out to buy a brisket and he came back with one from Market Basket for $6.99 lb which seems like a lot but it is grilling season so that’s probably the reason for the high price.

Laid out a couple sheets of foil and liberally applied Toby’s Rub.  Covered it up and put it in the fridge til tomorrow morning.  Plan is to get the smoker going at 6AM.





Update 5:00AM
Prepping the smoke

2015-07-01 05.18.21

5:52 252 degrees checking it down

2015-07-01 05.52.16
6:04 cranked all bottom vents down and temp retreated to 239
Putting brisket on soon

Unwrap brisket which we rubbed down yesterday and put in the fridge overnight.


6:13AM 237 temp inside the smoker

6:17AM Insert The Temp Probe And On She Goes-


6:30 not a lot of smoke coming out so opened up two bottom vents wide open and Temps and smoke resume.

Captain Pete Libro stops by to check out the smoke and makes a few adjustments telling me not to be afraid to let the Temps climb and advises to keep the temp inside the smoker between 275-300 degrees.

7:39AM and she’s cranking along at 248-250 degrees and a light rain has started.
8:49 Temps inside the smoker around 270. Good amount of smoke coming out of the top vents
All three bottom vents are half closed but Temps have been climbing. Strong wind may be the culprit? Temps climbed to 279 and now settling back in at 275. Been adding a couple small chunks of apple wood every hour or so.
Not a lot of smoke so opened the door and shuffled the lump and wood around and everything is back on track.
Check internal temp with thermapen :
Internal temp 169 inside smoker temp 268.
Here she is 4.5 hours in!

Internal temp 169
Inside smoker 279
Haven’t added and wood for a couple hours.

12:34PM We Close! 187.5 internal temp. Bark lookin SWEEEEET!
1:20PM Stuck The Thermapen In And Got An Internal Reading Of 193.4
Ratjer than risk a boat coming in that I’d need to tend to and make me let the temp get past 105 I decided to pull it and wrap it in foil.

Wrapped the Brisket in foil and placed it inside a cooler. Plan to check on her in an hour






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