I hope The Celtics do not invite Lebron to Boston for a recruiting session. @StoolGreenie

Now that the Cavs got swept and Lebro’s contract is up 99% of Basketball talk is about where Lebron May end up.  The Warriors just won the title last night and every meme on Twitter has zero to do with Golden State and everything to do with where Lebron May end up next year.    Franchises and star players are coming out of the woodwork to slurp Lebron in hopes of trying to lure him.

Please please please Danny Ainge- no.

Whatever team he goes to becomes “Lebron’s Team” without any other identity.  Sports writers will refer to the team with phrases like “Can Lebron beat the Warriors” not “Can the Celtics beat the Warriors”

I’d want to puke.

I believe a Celtics team with a healthy Kyrie and Hayward can compete with anyone in the league.

Winning a Championship with Lebron would feel hollow.

In fairness I cringe when sports writers refer to NFL games involving our local squad- “Can Brady beat the Broncos”. It’s totally disrespectful to the other players on the team.  This isn’t Brady’s fault obviously, it’s just the way it is.

Hard pass on Lebron to Boston.  Please don’t give him even a second of time coming to Boston and stroking his already enormous ego when he goes on his “suck my dong” tour this summer.

Hard pass. Please just no.


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