Antonio Brown and Gronk Polls. Record Your Answer Now And We Will Revisit when The Season Ends

Three questions which we will revisit after the Superbowl or when the Patriots season is over whichever comes first… 1) Will Antonio Brown be active on the Patriots roster for the entire season? 2) Will Antonio Brown be considered as a positive or negative addition to the Patriots roster when the NFL season ends? 3) Does Gronk Play This Year?



  1. This poll has proven who are delusional among us! Really Steve, all yes go yes??? lmao!! Yalls circus now!!


  2. So here’s the question in light of the poll-

    Will the releasing of AB be considered a net positive for the Patriots in that in firmly reinforces with the team the culture of not tolerating the distractions no matter what your talent level? Does it serve as a lesson on the head down and grind philosophy of the Patriots without distractions and team first philosophy that has earned them six Superbowls?

    So even though I voted that AB would be considered a negative addition to the team when the season ends, could it be considered a positive?


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