Fanduel Latest Betting Odds On where Brady Will Play Next Year- My Take



Joey’s take:

So you could bet $180 to win $100 that he’ll play for New England

Bet $100 to win $750 if he plays for the Chargers.

My gut says he stays in New England where his legacy is.  i think he’d take a couple million less per year to stay with the Patriots but not 5 million or more less.

Only a couple other places other than New England I could see him going would be:

The Chargers because LA would be a cool place for Gizelle and his family and there are offensive weapons.  they’re opening a new stadium and might throw ALL the money at him to fill seats much like the Raiders.

The Titans because of Vrabel and having a great offensive line and Henry the beast running back that would take a lot of defensive attention away from the passing game.

Long shot Vegas and the Raiders because LA isn’t that far away for the family to live, Giselle can still do big modeling gigs and they would likely throw ALLLLL the money at him to fill seats in the new stadium.

Tom Brady isn’t going to live with his family in Trampa or Indy.  Zero chance.

The Cowboys aren’t going to let go of a young Dak Prescott for a 42 year old QB.

The Giants have a young quarterback they aren’t going to trash for a 42 year old QB that might have two seasons left and they’d have to start all over again.

Miami organization is a shit show so cross them out.


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