A crusade against eating bacon? Count me out Homie

What kind of maniac takes up anti-bacon as their cause?


I’m wondering if the author of the tweet just saw the picture of the pIg and didn’t associate it with bacon or pig roasts or pork chops.  Had to be a little mental lapse there or something.  Like without bacon how am I supposed to make Atomic Buffalo Turds? How are we supposed to have pig roasts?  Eating pig products is knocking on Apple Pie’s door as being as an American thing to eat as there is.  Not eating pig is like turning your back on ‘Merica!


2015 Best Gloucester Bartender Nominations Poll on www.thehomiecast.com


Do you have a particular local bartender that deserves special recognition?

Well here’s your opportunity to give back and nominate them. The top five nominated Gloucester MA bartenders by Sunday June 21st at 6:00AM local time will be entered into a run-off poll which will run through the following week.

How do you nominate your favorite bartender you ask?

Very simple- leave a comment on this post at http://www.thehomiecast.com leaving the name of your favorite Gloucester Bartender and the name of the establishment where they work.

Only nominations left in the comment section on this post on http://www.thehomiecast.com will be counted toward the top five to be included in the run-off vote.

Duplicates by IP address will not be counted as nominations.

TheHomieCast Episode 3

TheHomieCast Episode 3 Taped 6/11/15 With Frankie Gwynne, Eric Lorden, Toby Pett, Craig Kimberley and Joey Ciaramitaro

Topics Include: The Grub, Joey’s Atomic Ass Turds, Asparagus With Lemon Zest Butter, Eric’s Guacamole, Toby’s Bacon Marmalade, Craig’s Sausage With The Peppers and Onions, Rib Eyes and Pork Cutlets Cooked On The 20 Year Old Weber Kettle With Melted Handles and Royal Oak Lump Charcoal, When People Schedule Things During Fiesta or 3rd Of July, The Boys Drinking Newburyport Melt Away Session, What is it about people that don’t say please or thank you to their waitresses, Naked In The Mirror- Gotta Square Up, Top Waterfront Dining Spots For Dinner and Lunch, Music At Captain Carlos, Lobster Pool, Cape Ann Brewing, Lat 43, The Studio, BYOB At The Lobster Pool, Sea Level in Salem, Is Joey’s Physical Aversion To High Waisted Shorts An Age Thing?, Yoga Pants, Potato Buns Are A Bazillion Times Better Than White Buns, Best Bartender In Gloucester Nominations- Tom Clark At JD Meyers, Jack Muniz At The Rudder, Woopie Goldberg, Matt and Howie at Short and Main, Jamie Verga At Stones Pub, Announcing The First Annual GMG BBQ Community BBQ Throwdown!
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TheHomieCast Episode 2


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Taped 6/4/15 Featuring Frankie Gwynne, James Eves, Craig Kimberley and Host Joey Ciaramitaro.

Topics Include: The Inability To Come Up With a Podcast Name, The Grill Master Craig Kimberley Reviews Joey’s New STOK Grill, Bruce Jenner/Caitlin Jenner Is It The Big Deal That The Media Is Making It Out To Be?, Frankie Estimates How Many People Under 30 Pay For Cable/Home Phones, Being a Huge Fan Of Amazon Prime, Craig’s Dodgeball Footage, Frankie Just Back from Vegas, Sox Talk, The Paternity Suit In Which The Dude Was Only The Father Of One Twin and Won the Paternity Suit, Frankie’s Manilla Folder, Six Of The Worst Chain Meals In The USA, The Drunk Driver That Set Up His Own DUI Check Point With Road Flares and All, The Shrimp, The Ribeyes, Craig Fried and Then Grilled Our Chicken Wings With A Homeade Sauce, Cowboy Charcoal, The Corn On The Cob, The Cathardic Process of Charcoal Grilling Is Like Man Yoga Where You Zone Out Of Everything Else, The GMG Award For Small Businessman of The Year, Most Rewarding Part of Creating the Blog Is The Friendships that Are Created.
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