This may be the stupidest collection of phrases ever

Whoever came up with this crap is the type of person that 100% loves and dies for drama in their life.
I don’t buy an ounce of this shiitake mushroom sauce and to think they’re that nuts that they put the amount of thought that generally one puts in before they permanently inked their skin with it which means they really buy into this mantra.
Advice to the dude dating this chick- Run.
Run as fast as you can and don’t look back.

At least she has the decency to label herself crazy so the guy that reads it can immediately recognize that he’s dealing with someone who isn’t happy unless there’s crying and death and heartbreak in her life.



  1. But it’s a true statement, I don’t think it’s crazy at all, I myself wouldn’t get something like this. They aren’t looking for drama in my opinion. Its a factual statement.


    • Why do you need tears to be happy? Why do you heed death to have life? Screw that noise. You know what makes me happy? Not tears and not death. That’s a bunch of shit someone that lives for drama says

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  2. so you are gonna really hate my tattoo “live like you were dying” LOL


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